Twitter Fight: Nick Coleman vs. David Brauer/MinnPost



Nothing--nothing on Twitter, anyway--beats a bitter back-and-forth between two local journo-heavyweights. There's just something about quarrels tinged with that unmistakeable aroma of Minnesota Nice passive aggression that gives it an extra umph!


Today's installment of Twitter Fight features a feud over the gender breakdown of web-based non-profit MinnPost. In one corner, we have ex-Strib columnist Nick Coleman, challenger, calling out the proud start-up for its alleged sexism. In the other corner, MinnPost and its media critic David Brauer rush to the defense.



Nick Coleman: Stat o' the day? #MinnPost lists 51 active posters, 18 of them women. Of the gals just 10 have posted in past 6 months. Where are the women?

MinnPost: @judypdi @NickColeman (1/2) This week's top stories written by Casey Selix, Cynthia Dizikes, Sharon Schmickle, Cynthia Boyd...

MinnPost: @judypdi @NickColeman (2/2) Posts written this week by Dizikes, Kay Harvey (2), Susan Perry, Amy Goetzman, Camille LeFevre, Pam Espeland.

Nick Coleman: @MinnPost missing the point.... some of my best friends are women?

MinnPost: @NickColeman Three of @MinnPost's four main stories today are written by women, so, yes, I'm missing your point.

Nick Coleman: @MinnPost Of the 10 female Minn posters still "active," three have filed just a single post in past year, meaning only 7 are 'regulars' ?

MinnPost: @NickColeman You're not adding the bylines in D.C. Dispatches, Arts Arena, 2nd Opinion & Book Club Club. More blogs, less posts these days.

MinnPost: @NickColeman You're simply dismissing 2nd Opinion, Arts Arena, DC Dispatches, etc. because they don't fit your hypothesis.

Nick Coleman: @MinnPost Keep arguing you have fair share of wimmen! The info comes from your list of posters not your drop-ins:

Nick Coleman: I will fight more later everyone! Gotta go make a semblance of a living! Discuss the problems at "MENPost" amongst yourselves!

Nick Coleman: Get it? "MenPost?" I crack me up.

Nick Coleman: @MinnPost Arts Arena? Book Club, etc? Are those the "girl" zones? I'm counting "POSTERS," as listed by you

(And now MinnPost media critic David Brauer swoops in to the defense).

David Brauer: @NickColeman Casey Selix (heathcare), Cynthia Dizikes (DC), Susan Perry (health), Sharon Schmickle (Science), Susan Albright (ops) ....

David Brauer: ... sustained @minnpost non-"girl zone" coverage. I think 3 of 5 get bennies. There is an imbalance overall, but news isn't XY zone here

David Brauer: @chrisshields Not trying to spat w/@nickcoleman. Honest.

Nick Coleman: @dbrauer How many times this year have Albright, Selix, Helms posted? Shall we count all boystories vs. all girlstories? Why r you arguing?

David Brauer: @NickColeman Not arguing; I agree there's an imbalance. But I listed several newswomen who post regularly. Marissa not a regular, BTW.

Nick Coleman: @dbrauer We're back to "some of our best men are girls" territory. I'm only asking questions, but fixes are needed. And they should be PAID

Nick Coleman: @dbrauer Marisa not a regular? Few of your women writers are "a regular," David. That's just the point.

David Brauer: @NickColeman Cynthia, Susan A., Casey all on staff. Salary+bennies. Sharon & Susan have contracts. These aren't low-buck deals.

(At this point, the Minnesota Office of Tourism--specifically, their head PR guy, Chuck Lennon--weighs in to crack wise about the fued).

mntourism: @dbrauer so much for hatfields vs mccoys

David Brauer: @mntourism Yeah, it's getting a little weird. Don't want to turn my twitterstream into #nickknocks.

Nick Coleman: @dbrauer @mntourism I'm only asking questions. The "model" for new media solutions seems to have few direct answers. Yep, it's kinda weird.

There it is: something we can all agree on.

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