Twitter backlash: Republicans file ethics complaint over DFL tweets


Many politicians think Twitter is the new essential tool in their never-ending attempt to spin political mayhem and "connect" with constituents. They probably didn't think it was going to cause news when they started making snarky comments on their Twitter accounts.

And now two GOP Minnesota House members have filed an ethics complaint against a DFL member for some tweets that might have gone too far. If you have a stick up your hoo-ha.

Republicans Tom Emmer and Mark Buesgens filed the complaint with the House Ethics Committee against DFLer Rep. Paul Gardner.

When the Minnesota House was debating the tax bill, Gardner had a couple partisan stabs he couldn't resist posting for all to see on Twitter.

Here is what he wrote:

Emmer seems to belittle his female colleagues (rage, sarcasm) on the floor more than men? Great face for the GOP?

Why is Buesgens wearing sunglasses? Black eye?

According to Minnesota Public Radio, the complaint says the tweets "violated his ethical obligation to 'respect the principles of representative democracy,' and that his actions were 'designed to cast his legislative colleagues in a less than favorable light.'

Gardner sent a letter to his colleagues May 11 to apologize for the tweets. His Twitter account has been deleted. The ethics committee will hold a hearing about the issue on Tuesday.

Watch what you tweet!