Twitter accounts solicit boob pics from University of Minnesota students [PHOTOS]

"College Boobs" Twitter accounts combine copious cleavage with school spirit.
"College Boobs" Twitter accounts combine copious cleavage with school spirit.

The #boobment has come to Minnesota... sort of.

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Two Twitter accounts are asking University of Minnesota students to send pictures of their breasts as a way to express their maroon-and-gold pride, or something.

A number of major colleges are already serviced by thriving "boobment" accounts that solicit boob pics from (mostly) anonymous women. The first and apparently most popular (44,029 followers) is KU Boobs, which features many tweets of this sort:

From there, @[insert college]Boobs Twitter accounts popped up at schools like the University of Missouri (nearly 11,000 followers)...

... the University of Indiana (over 4,000 followers)...

... and, of course, Wisconsin (nearly 1,000 followers):

There's even a BigTenBoobs account (nearly 2,000 followers) that retweets pics from member colleges:

But for better or worse, the U of M's two "boobment" Twitter accounts, @UMinnesotaBoobs (not even 200 followers) and @uminnboobs (fewer than 300 followers) haven't caught on yet. In fact, between the two sites combined, there appears to be just one legit boob pic -- it's at the top of this post and was submitted by a self-described "Irreverent Sweetheart with MASSIVE TITS" who lives in St. Paul and doesn't appear to be an actual U of M student.

In fact, as the following exchange indicates, the manager of UMN Boobs (@UMinnesotaBoobs) is getting frustrated as their site languishes in comparison with ones from other schools:

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