Twisdom: Response to Pawlenty's cuts, in tweets


It was Unallotment Day here in Minnesota, which means the twats were ready for their live and unedited responses to Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposed cuts to balance out a $2.7 billion deficit.

We entered the Tweet universe to see what people had to say.

Check out some of the highlights below.

Best of Pawlenty response on Twitter:

  • mnteaparty: Proud of Tim Pawlenty today. Cuts 2.7bil of budget rather than raising taxes. Fiscally Responsible choice #tpp #tcot #teaparty #sgp
  • christruscott: Pawlenty takes the GM and Chrysler approach to management. Damn long-term planning and future prosperity.
  • PolAnimal: Rybak was just in the office and said he doesn't "need a lecture on finance from Tim Pawlenty" (and PS water fountains? Not general fund.)
  • dustytrice: Pawlenty has gone after the MN state budget the same way Gallagher goes after watermelons. Additionally, neither are very funny.
  • PolAnimal: Kelliher in release: In just under an hour today, Gov.Pawlenty has done more damage to Minnesota than he has throughout his entire career.
  • maxsparber: Is it just me, or has Pawlenty been raising our taxes steadily, but done so by forcing other people to rasie property tax? #nonewtaxesfail
  • tomscheck: Pawlenty: "I'll buy you lunch if you can find me" an economist who can predict the economy in two years. #mncuts
  • sctraudes: Gov. Pawlenty: "My message to [Mpls Mayor Rybak] is reduce, and try to do it in priority order." Not pub. safety 1st, art fountains instead.
  • jaboss1969: Where do I find one of these "artistic water fountains" that Pawlenty is referring to?
  • Tom_Freeman: @pawlenty tells @MayorRTRybak to reduce their budget and get his head out of the clouds while getting rid of artistic water fountains
  • robinmarty: shorter pawlenty -- raising taxes is bad for MN economy. Layoffs are good for it.
  • maxsparber: Pawlenty asks people to respond via email. I might take my response to the street instead. This is not democracy.
  • robinmarty: good thing pawlenty decided not to unallot in the sex offenders program. We all remember what happened the last time he made cuts there...
  • sloped: Pawlenty, you are an arse, reducing the renters refund is a tax no matter what it's called. No new taxes is such a crock from your mouth.