Twisdom: June bugs and colonics


We're all busy people, so we understand if you can't find the time to keep up with the near-constant updates by local notables on Twitter. So in case you'd prefer to read the local "Best of" Twin Cities Twitter, we've got some Twisdom to throw your way.

Check out what kind of "genius" some locals had to spew this week. Please refrain from throwing eggs.

Star Tribune columnist and Twitter addict James Lileks started the classic Minnesotan spring complaint about our "GIANT" bugs. Just be thankful you don't have 4-inch cockroaches invading every moment of your life. Trust us, we'd take slow-moving weird June bugs any day.

Vita.Mn sex columnist Alexis totally turned us off this week by talking about colonics. Unfortunately that colonics potty humor is so two years ago.

Pizza blogger and City Pages awards acceptor Aaron Landry tweets about the unexpected heat wave this week in the Twin Cities. Let's just say we're glad he had some warning Wednesday. No one likes watching a sweaty man eat pizza.

Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Collins compares letters to the editor to talk radio show notes. You've completely lost us.


Think you have issues with song lyrics? Check out Secrets of the City's Max Sparber's attempt to sing a Pixies song, totally mangled.