Twins's trash-burning neighbor won't be taking in more garbage

Tuesday's five most fascinating stories printed on wood pulp:

Target Field's trash-burning neighbor won't be taking in more garbage

Hennepin County wanted to burn more trash next to the new Minnesota Twins stadium, but the Minneapolis planning commissioners turned down the plan, citing possible health effects. We'll just be happy if our hot dogs taste like meat instead of burning garbage.

Three shot in north Minneapolis, one in critical condition

Police said three people were shot last night around 11 p.m. in north Minneapolis. The shootings happened at 30th and Logan. One man was shot in the head and considered in critical condition. The other two (man and a boy) had non-life threatening injuries. No arrests or motives yet.

Roxana Saberi to write memoir about time in Iranian prison

North Dakota journalist Roxana Saberi has a book deal to recount her experience imprisoned in Iran on espionage charges. She has been released and is back in the United States.

Pets get heat stroke too

Remember the risks of hot temps on your pets while you try to stay cool. Animals can also get heat stroke and should be monitored for signs such as panting, breathing difficulty, refusal to obey, vomiting and seizures. It can be fatal.

Judge will get update on Daniel Hauser's chemo treatment

The judge overseeing Daniel Hauser's chemo treatment will likely get an update on his chemotherapy sessions today in a scheduled hearing for his case. Does anyone else find it weird that we get a play-by-play of this kid's illness now?