Twins' Willingham hits deck, Doumit acts as if under fire after loud thunder boom [VIDEOS]

Ryan Doumit was scared by the thunder, not confused about where first base is.EXPAND
Ryan Doumit was scared by the thunder, not confused about where first base is.

The first half of the 2012 Twins season ended with a thud in a game that will be remembered for a loud boom.

Yesterday, the Twins got within one strike of victory in the bottom of the ninth, but ended up losing a heartbreaking 4-3, 13-inning game to the Texas Rangers in Arlington.

The game was delayed for 46 minutes during the top of the fourth inning following a flash of lightning immediately followed by a World War II-worthy boom of thunder. It was so loud that it caused batter Ryan Doumit to stagger backwards a couple steps before sprinting to the shelter of the dugout. Josh Willingham, leading off of first base, crumpled in a heap in the infield as if under fire from a sniper.

Here's the raw video from Fox Sports North:

Boy, nothing fazes that Dick Bremer, does it? And here's video from the Rangers' broadcast:

You can't really blame Doumit and Willingham for reacting as if a bomb had just been dropped on the pitcher's mound. After all, if you played for the last-place Twins, you wouldn't be used to hearing loud cracks and booms while on offense either (except when Trevor Plouffe or Willingham is at bat).

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