Twins to unveil "It Gets Better" video in May

Last summer, the Twins said they were "looking into" making their own "It Gets Better" video.

According to Kevin Smith, Twins director of public affairs, that video will finally be unveiled early this season.

In an e-mail to City Pages, Smith said the video will be shot in April and will begin running in May. The anti-bullying video will feature a gay-positive message.

The It Gets Better Project is the brainchild of Dan Savage, the advice columnist. Late in 2010, alarmed by the rise of suicides amongst LGBT teens, Savage, with his husband Terry Miller, made a YouTube video entreating these desperate young men and women not to give up--that life does indeed get better.

The project caught on like wildfire. Videos made to help these teenagers see that there's a future ahead of them that's full of promise flooded in. Recently, a group of prominent NHL players became the latest celebrities to collaborate on a gay-positive, anti-bullying video.

We'll be sure to bring you the Twins' "It Gets Better" video as soon as it's available.

-- Minnesota Twins plan "It Gets Better" video shoot
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