Twins Tim and Will White told they're too fat to fly Southwest Airlines to Minneapolis

Tim White was told he was too fat to fly

Tim White was told he was too fat to fly

Twin brothers Tim and Will White had never flown the friendly skies. So they were completely thrilled when they finally got their big chance on Thanksgiving Day.

The White brothers arrived at the Chicago airport hours early, waiting with bated breath for their flight to Minneapolis.

But minutes before they were supposed to board, Southwest Airlines cruelly pulled the plug and told Tim he was too fat for his seat.


Tim swallowed this embarrassing news as graciously as he could: he quickly called his aunt in St. Paul to get her credit card number so that he could purchase a second seat. There were plenty of open seats on the flight, after all.

But Southwest said they couldn't sell the ticket by phone--because, according to KARE-11, the Whites might be trying to fake them out with a bad credit card number.

And the helpful gate agent refused to just solve the problem by letting Tim sit near one of the many empty seats on the flight.

So the poor brothers White had to take an overnight bus to Minneapolis.

Instead of arriving on Thanksgiving Day as planned, they missed the big festivities and arrived the day after.

The Whites are taking the high road, focusing on how it would have been nice for the airline to let them know the policy ahead of time, KARE-11 reports:

"If they would have told us when we first got there we'd have enough time to buy the ticket and fix everything that was going wrong," Tim said. "But instead we had to hurry up and make other plans at the last minute."

The airline did apologize, refund the tickets, and give the family a travel voucher.

And it turns out that Tim got his big adventure after all: he bought a second seat for the trip back to Chicago and flew the not-so-friendly skies for the very first time.