Twins pitcher "punches out" teammate in bullpen [GIF]

Last Friday, Burton (left) clocked Duensing (right) with a WWE-style right hook.
Last Friday, Burton (left) clocked Duensing (right) with a WWE-style right hook.

Sitting idly in the bullpen for hours at a time, MLB relief pitchers have a lot of free time on their hands. And Twins pitchers Jared Burton and Brian Duensing demonstrated how they've used some of theirs during a game last Friday afternoon.

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Just as Chris Colabello's home run sailed over the right-field fence at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, Burton unloaded on Duensing with a vicious-looking right-hand punch. Was this an indication that a third-straight rough Twins season had hit a new low? Not quite.

Turns out the Burton-Duensing punchout was staged and was about a year in the making, as it was initially the brainchild of Matt Maloney, a former teammate of Burton's and Duensing's who spent time on the Twins roster last season. Burton told reporters he and Duensing already attempted to pull off the punchout twice, including once last season, but never with as much success as on Friday.

First, here's a GIF image of the "altercation":

And here's what Burton had to say about his major-league performance art after the game:

"As soon as it was hit, [Duensing] goes, 'Come on. Punch me. Punch me.' I gave him the right hook and knocked him down...

"It's all in fun. I knew the ball was coming down and that camera was going to be zoomed in on us. I waited it out, afraid I was going to get hit with the ball. That's about as good of execution as you could ask for, and I heard we made their right fielder laugh...

"We haven't practiced it, but I guess we're naturals...

"Anytime a anytime a lefty's up when we're here, we're up on the edge of our seats. We're ready."

It's not quite as impressive as the videobombing exploits of the Gophers baseball team, but then again, few things are.

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