Twins know how to play it cool

While the birth of Target Field has allowed us to watch the Twins play (and play well) in the elements, the outdoor environs also afford the occasional opportunity to write about the relationship between weather and sport.

As forecast earlier in the season, Target Field has proven a home that will yield a small sample of long balls.  But for what the park has oft-lacked in power, Target Field has made up for that dearth of souvenirs by housing a wealth of wins.  With the ChiSox proving pesky in the stretch run, the Twins refuse to give up ground via strong play at home -- in all conditions.   

While the 69 degree indoor constant surely played some part in the Twins' ability to employ a Dome field advantage, the move outdoors has evidenced no slow in the club's ability to win on the home front.  At 46-23, the club's .667 win percentage stands as one of the strongest home records in all of baseball.  But it's well worthy of note that the Twins have truly played to our geography this season. 

Of the 53 total ballgames that the Boys have played where the starting game time temperature was 70 degrees or below, they own a 32-21 record -- that marks a .604 win clip, which is slightly better than their overall season win percentage of .587 (with a record of 81-57). More importantly: the club's home record when the start temp is 70 or below is a stellar 21-9, for a win rate of .700.  When the start temp is above 70?  The Twins play ball at a still tough .595 percentage (47-32); at Target Field that plus-70 mark rises to a .641 win clip (25-14).  On a nostalgic note, there seems to be no lost love for the six indoor games the club has played this season -- they're just 2-4 in those contests. 

Just some stuff to keep an eye on as we collectively reintroduce ourselves to the elements of late summer and autumn baseball.  As both a gauge and attire guide, here are some weather stats for the duration of the club's home games as the Twins aim to close out the Central over the season's final 24 (probably) contests.

From for Minneapolis:

Sunrise  Sunset  Avg H Avg L Mean  Record High  Record Low

7 6:42 AM  7:39 PM  74°F 54°F 64°F 98°F (1976) 40°F (1956)

8 6:43 AM  7:37 PM  74°F 54°F 64°F 99°F (1931) 36°F (1883)
17 6:54 AM  7:20 PM  71°F 50°F 60°F 96°F (1895) 34°F (1875)

18 6:55 AM  7:18 PM  70°F 50°F 60°F 93°F (1891) 32°F (1929)

19 6:56 AM  7:16 PM  70°F 49°F 60°F 94°F (1895) 33°F (1991)

20 6:58 AM  7:15 PM  70°F 49°F 59°F 91°F (1931) 28°F (1962)

21 6:59 AM  7:13 PM  69°F 49°F 59°F 94°F (1937) 32°F (1974)

22 7:00 AM  7:11 PM  69°F 48°F 59°F 95°F (1936) 26°F (1974)
30 7:10 AM  6:55 PM  66°F 45°F 56°F 87°F (1897) 26°F (1939)

1 7:11 AM  6:53 PM  66°F 45°F 55°F 87°F (1897) 24°F (1974)

2 7:12 AM  6:52 PM  65°F 45°F 55°F 89°F (1953) 22°F (1974)

3 7:14 AM  6:50 PM  65°F 44°F 55°F 90°F (1997) 26°F (1996

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