Twins fans ready to believe anything good about Joe Mauer?


WCCO ran with a great story yesterday when it reported that St. Paul's own Joe Mauer was going to ink a 10-year-deal deal to stay with the Twins.

But as we said, almost as soon as veteran sports guy Mark Rosen updated his Twitter account with a link back to the story, other baseball journos, both here and farther afield, were questioning the scoop.

WCCO was willing to publish the doubters' comments in its own story:

ESPN's Buster Olney reported on a Twitter account that "Multiple sources now saying that the (WCCO) report on a preliminary agreement for Mauer is not accurate."

And the Minneapolis Star Tribune's national baseball beat writer, Joe Christensen, cited two sources who claimed that an agreement had not been reached.

Rosen was standing by his source, albeit with a hedge:

WCCO's Rosen Monday afternoon reaffirmed that the framework of a 10-year agreement had been reached. He also noted that deals like this can fall apart late in the process and that the two sides were still working out final details on incentives.

And the station's Twins blogger, Peter Nelson, gushed:

There won't be a celebratory press conference just yet since they're working on the time consuming contract incentive details but Minnesota's Main Man Mauer is staying...for a decade!

Whoa there. "The contract" is really "the framework," and Mauer's status hasn't really been nailed down. All the same, Heather Brown gamely took to the beer-soaked environs of the Tiffany Lounge in Highland Park where a bunch of Twins fans indicated they were clearly ready to take the rumors as fact -- anything to dull the potential nightmare of seeing Mauer in pinstripes.

Brown's video report is here.

Don't get us wrong. We hope Rosen's right. But let's everybody stay cool, OK?