Twins fans hope for 2014 All-Star game at Target Field

Target Field may finally get to see some quality baseball again.
Target Field may finally get to see some quality baseball again.
Kelsey Reid

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Two years from now Minnesota baseball fans may be able to sing "Take me out to the All-Star game!"

Target Field is reportedly the likely host of the 2014 All-Star game, giving the Twins a chance to show off the field on the national stage. Its biggest competition is Wrigley Field, which will be celebrating its 100th anniversary that spring.

It's a matter of a rundown historical ballpark versus one that's shiny and (relatively) new. (Be sure to check out our comparison of the two parks at the end of this story.)

But it's also a point of pride. Neither team has hosted the game in decades.

The Twins are the only American League team besides the Tampa Bay Rays to have not hosted the All-Star game since it was last in Minneapolis in 1985. Wrigley has hosted three times, but not since 1990.

Either way, the host will clearly be chosen for the venue, not the team or the players. Joe Mauer was the only Twins player at last week's All-Star game. The Cubs didn't do much better with only Bryan Lahair and Starlin Castro picked for the National League squad.

We went to Target Plaza before Wednesday's game against the Baltimore Orioles and asked fans where they would like to see the game.

Jasper Kruggel, 29, geographic information systems
"It would be great for the city to have it here at Target Field. I go to a few games a year, but I would definitely try and make it down here if there was an All-Star break."

Pat Sinner, 24, law student
"It doesn't really matter if there are many Twins playing [in the All-Star game] or not, Target Field is one of the best in the nation. It'd be a great atmosphere."

Julie Hanson, 55, special education para
"I'd consider coming even if there weren't any Twins players selected to play. But if Hardy [J.J. Hardy, the former Twins shortstop who now plays for the Orioles] is there, I'm there."

Kyle Blank, 25, car dealership
"I'd chose here over Wrigley, if only because [Target Field] is right next door."

Chad Rohloff, 43, construction
"It'd be great for Minnesota baseball. It doesn't really matter if any Twins are in it. It's a great chance to see many great baseball players."

Abbie Huenink, 29, teacher (our All-Star expert, Huenink attended the All-Star break in Kansas City last week)
"[Target Field] is great. One of the best. But Wrigley goes way back. I think it'd be great for baseball to have it at either place, because of the history at Wrigley and how amazing this field is."

Mike Wickre, 39, financial securities
"Chicago can go do whatever it wants. I want it here."

Erick Linquist, 34, warehouse manager; Sara Linquist, 30, customer service team leader
"This is our second game so far this summer, but depending on the ticket prices, we'd consider coming."--Erick
"That's IF we could get tickets."-- Sara

Chad Grosbier, 35, teacher; Melissa Grosbier, 30, retail
"Minneapolis needs to have it, but we're Cubs fans more than Twins fans."-- Chad
"Yeah, it needs to be Wrigley. Only because of the 100th year anniversary."-- Melissa
"Target Field will get it eventually, it's a beautiful stadium."-- Chad

Andrew Krammer contributed to this story.

Photos courtesy Target Field and Wrigley Field
Photos courtesy Target Field and Wrigley Field

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