Twins celebrate '91 World Series with cheatin' bobblehead


The Minnesota Twins are partying like it's 1991 this weekend, celebrating that year's World Series champions in grand style. Hopefully, it will make fans forget that the current team will probably lose the game that follows.

Without question, the acme of this weekend's fun is the Kent Hrbek/Ron Gant bobblehead, a reference to the famous/infamous (depending on your loyalties) Game 2 shenanigans, when our big first baseman lifted the Braves' speedy Gant off first base and tagged him out.

No, I'm not from here (Michigan, originally), so I'm not going to give any space to those happy folks who claim Gant's momentum pulled him off base. That's bullshit -- I know it, you know it, Gant knows it, and Hrbek knows it more than anyone. He later admitted he should be a pro-wrestler (this in response to questions about that tag.)

The infamous Hrebk-Gant incident, frozen in time.
The infamous Hrebk-Gant incident, frozen in time.

And so what? One of the unwritten rules in baseball is that if you can get away with it, you should. I like spitballs, too, so sue me.

The first 10,000 fans will get to lug these bobbleheads around the park tonight--"purported to be the coolest bobblehead of all-time" according to the Twins. Though, as usual, the faces of the toy look creepy. Jesus, Gant looks like a zombie in that photo.

The Twins have brought in nearly every player from that year for this weekend's festivities. According to their press release:

A number of Twins 1991 World Series alumni are scheduled to appear over the course of the weekend including players Rick Aguilera, Randy Bush, Chili Davis, Scott Erickson, Greg Gagne, Dan Gladden, Mark Guthrie, Brian Harper, Kent Hrbek, Gene Larkin, Terry Leach, Scott Leius, Jack Morris, Al Newman, Junior Ortiz, Mike Pagliarulo, Paul Sorrento, Kevin Tapani and David West; president Jerry Bell; manager Tom Kelly; coaches Dick Such, Ron Gardenhire, Rick Stelmaszek and Wayne Terwilliger; general manager Andy MacPhail and assistant general manager Bob Gebhard. *Players are subject to change.

Should you miss tonight's trinket, Saturday sees the first 10,000 fans receiving a DVD of game 6 of the '91 Series. And Sunday, the first 15,000 in attendance get a World Series pin. Not the 2011 World Series, but you know what I mean.

Each game this weekend will have the 7th inning stretch warbled by the "World Championship Team". I wish they'd sing "Twins" instead of "Home Team".

And just to rub it in to your pals from Georgia, here's a mighty cool video from the aftermath of Game 7, from WAGA in Atlanta. I love the postgame show after a World Series -- delight and despair mingle beautifully. Enjoy.

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