Twins bat boy coolly catches flying bat one-handed [VIDEO]


Well, it's official. Any memorable highlights from this Minnesota Twins season will take place off the field, and will feature young kids who aren't even old enough to play in the majors.

A few days ago, it was a ballboy making a leaping, kid-saving catch along the right field wall. But that guy just caught the ball, using a glove. Why, anyone can do that.

Try catching the damn bat

That's what a Twins bat boy did today, when Cleveland Indians batter Francisco Lindor lost the grip on his bat, sending it flying right toward the Twins dugout. The bat bounced off a protective screen that fans probably appreciated very much right at that moment.

The bat boy happened to be seated right in the stick's path, and watched it all the way. Without hesitation, he calmly reached up and snagged it, one-handed, and instantly starts jogging it toward the Lindor. 

Note the look on Lindor's face when this happens: a combination of surprise, admiration, and sheepishness for having almost taken the bat boy's head off.

The Twins actually won this game, 5-1, bringing their season record to 10-26. Forget the games. Let's just see what the assorted Twins field staff produces during the rest of the season.