Twins ballboy makes ridiculous catch [VIDEO]

"That's a highlight reel effort by the ballboy!"

"That's a highlight reel effort by the ballboy!"

A catch made during yesterday's Twins game was so good, it made SportsCenter's "Top Plays."

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But the snag wasn't the work of an actual ballplayer. Instead, it was made by ballboy Paul Neshek, who demonstrated some serious ups while getting high to catch a foul ball careening toward the third base-line seats.

[jump] Here's the video:

Neshek is actually the younger brother of quirky former Twins pitcher Pat Neshek, who now pitches for the Oakland A's.

"No fricken way...holy cow what a catch," Pat Neshek wrote on Twitter after seeing the video. "My brother makes ESPN's Top Plays & is now signing autographs."

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