Twins backtrack on charging for batting practice tickets [UPDATE]

For $15, you can hang out above right field for 45 extra minutes.
For $15, you can hang out above right field for 45 extra minutes.

-- Update at bottom --

The Twins are finding new and creative ways to squeeze a few more bucks out of fans.

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Today, team officials announced that starting Friday, they'll sell $15 batting practice tickets. Tickets will allow you to get into Target Field about 45 minutes before gates open and hang out above right field while the players warm up and hopefully hit taters in your general direction.

About 60 BP tickets will be sold before each night game on a walk-up basis. Fans purchasing BP tickets must also have a ticket to that night's game.

As you'd imagine, word of the Twins' new ticket offer generated quite a bit of blowback on social media. While some media personalities defended the organization's right to offer new products...

... others wondered why in God's name anyone would want to pay $15 just to hang out in the cheap seats for 45 minutes...

... while others brainstormed ideas for how other local sports teams could market similar pre-game tickets...

:::: UPDATE ::::

Hours after a team spokesman went on the record to talk about the $15 batting practice tickets, the Twins sent out another press release stating the organization had jumped the gun on the announcement and won't yet be selling the tickets after all.

The release, however, left open the possibility that the batting practice ticket proposal might be revived after a more thorough review is completed. Start saving up now!

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