Twin Cities woman disfigured after DIY silicone injections

How to look like Octomom on a budget

How to look like Octomom on a budget

If you're looking for cheaper alternatives to Botox and silicone injections from the doctor to pretty up your face, think again. This lady learned the hard way. The Twin Cities mom, who didn't want to be named, bought 100 percent silicone lube online and syringes at a local pharmacy, then tried to inject it herself. The product clearly says it's a personal lubricant for external use only.

Her experiment ended miserably. She now has pools of lube in her lips and cheekbones and is facing huge medical bills to fix her face.

The woman bought the silicone online for $10, hoping to make her upper lip fuller and fill in acne scars. She had previously been to a doctor who gave her silicone treatments, but the $2,700 price tag made it too expensive to go back again.

Despite the site's warnings about the lube, she figured it was the same because it was 100 percent silicone, and thought she could save money by doing an expensive procedure herself. Bad idea. Unlike Botox and collagen, silicone is permanent because it isn't absorbed by the body. That's why she has lube pockets in her face now.

Bachmann census: No sense

Rep. Michele Bachmann continued her nonstop conspiracy spewing last week with yet another doozy. This time she said she is so afraid of 2010 U.S. census abuse that she will only fill out how many people live in her household. Why is she so fearful of the evil U.S. census? ACORN might have a hand on it, and she knows they'll misuse her data.

Give us a break. Does anyone take this woman seriously anymore? Her refusal to fill out the census could even be against the law. According to United States Code, Title 13 (Census), Chapter 7 (Offenses and Penalties), SubChapter II, if you're over 18 and refuse to answer all or part of the census, you can be fined up to $100.

Bachmann's fear-mongering has become so ridiculous, it's almost not believable anymore. Scaring Americans into avoiding the U.S. census for some nonsense reason could be extremely dangerous to data collection in our country. The information collected, including income and race, is extremely valuable and used by just about everyone for important research, tracking, and historical reference. It is used by federal, state, and local governments for funding purposes. If people stop filling out the U.S. census because they fear ACORN is going to conduct major fraud, we've lost an extremely important snapshot of our country's makeup.

Thank you, Bachmann, for once again making the world a dumber place.

Katie Couric loves hermaphrodites

In what was probably an attempt to be a little witty and attract a few more fans, CBS news anchor Katie Couric made a joke that could offend some in the transgender community.

Couric surprised local Fox News entertainment reporter and Couric super-fan Jason Matheson with a phone call to his FM 107.1 show after hearing about his creepy obsession with and shrine to her. He even wakes up to the CBS Evening News intro. Yikes.

After Couric admitted she was a little freaked out by his obsession, Matheson said, "I'm just a simple little gay boy with a crush on Katie Couric."

Her response? "Get in line. Just kidding! For whatever reason, I have some gay fans. I am very flattered my gay friends enjoy my work. Gay, straight, I'll take anybody at this point...hermaphrodites."

Huh? Being in third place does wonders for your abilities to stay PC.

Twelve-pack of coke

How many times can you get another chance to stop snorting coke before the world has to give up on you and put you away for a while? For a former KFAN radio host, the magic number was 12.

Jeff Dubay was originally busted for fifth-degree drug possession. He was fired from his job after he was charged in October. He was given a big second chance and placed into a yearlong program to get clean and get his charges dismissed. That apparently wasn't enough to help him turn things around. He was kicked out of that program and given another chance through the Substance Abuse Court in March.

Well, that didn't do the trick, either. Dubay tested positive for cocaine 12 times and didn't report for urine tests 11 times since January. Yikes.

Dubay will be sentenced July 21. He could face a year in jail, based on sentencing guidelines.