Twin Cities way more relaxed than the rest of America

Proof that Twin Citians know how to relax.

Proof that Twin Citians know how to relax.

We do stress out over things here on the tundra. Look at the Vikings, for crying out loud. Or Michele Bachmann. And don't even get us started on the fact that we have yet another election recount with national import on our hands.

But compared to the rest of you all in America, we're pretty mellow.


Forbes took a look at unemployment data, physical fitness, health care availability, time spent commuting and income levels. It crunched a few numbers and proclaimed the Twin Cities the most relaxed major metropolitan area in the country.

The 7 percent unemployment rate is below the9.6 percent national average. Our commute times are awesomely low. We have the best workout rate of any city on the list (despite spending 11 months a year in pitch black Arctic weather), and most folks have pretty good access to health care.

Another reason to be mellow? We beat the cheese heads. Milwaukee ranked No. 2 on the list. Here's the Top 10:

1. Twin Cities 2. Milwaukee, Wis. 3. Boston, Mass. 4. Portland, Ore. 5. Columbus, Ohio 6. Denver, Colo. 7. Seattle, Wash. (tie) 7. Cincinnati, Ohio (tie) 9. Kansas City, Mo. 10. San Jose, Calif.