Twin Cities to stay fatty

Image courtesy of dstrelau on Flickr

Looks like proposed legislation to ban trans-fats in the cities won't pass this year. Guess we'll all just get to stay chubby as we shovel in ice cream to soothe our woes about the economy.

Both the Minneapolis and St. Paul city councils had proposed banning trans-fats -- the substance that makes greasy fast food like french fries oh-so-yummy -- and requiring restaurants to include calorie contents on menus, according to the Strib.

"I'm not sure there's going to be appetite for it this year," said Minneapolis City Council Member Ralph Remington, an advocate for the proposals.

The economic slowdown, tight city budgets and pending city elections are slowing the introduction of the proposal in Minneapolis. St. Paul's City Council opted for a go-slow approach that includes surveying restaurants while waiting to see whether Congress acts on the issue.

New York has already enacted a proposal. Last year, caloric labels started popping up in Starbucks and other chains throughout Manhattan. Did you know that a Starbucks rice krispy treat has almost as many calories as a big fat brownie? So, go ahead and eat that chocolate.