Twin Cities suburbs healthiest place to live in state

The three congressional districts (loosely) comprising the Twin Cities suburbs have been christened the healthiest places to live in Minnesota, according to a report released Thursday by Gallup and Healthways. But we don't know why.

From the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal:

The report, which comes out monthly, shows that the Second, Third and Sixth congressional districts, which ring the Twin Cities and extend up to St. Cloud, have the highest possible well-being index. The Fourth Congressional District, which comprises much of Ramsey County and St. Paul, has the second-highest well-being index, while the Fifth Congressional District, which comprises Hennepin County and Minneapolis, is in the middle 20 percent in terms of well-being.

The well-being index is made up of six metrics: life evaluation, emotional health, physical health, healthy behavior, work environment and basic access. The index is intended to give national, state and community leaders information to make decisions on the allocation of resources.

Anyone have any theories as to why this is? Our conjecture: If we start from the premise that health and debauchery are, with rare exceptions, contradictions in terms--and if there's any element of truth "boring suburbanite" stereotype--then we arrive at a satisfactory, if way too convenient, explanation. Plus, suburbanites can better afford an exotic cure-all known as "gym memberships."

But what about outstate country-dwellers? Aren't they known as something of a hearty, outdoorsy people? Maybe an over-reliance on motorized travel--it's not like they can just walk down the street and pick up a case of Coors Light--has them a out-of-shape.

That, or the Coors Light.

Meth maybe?

We got nothin'. Fill us in.