Twin Cities soldier shot in Fort Hood attack


An Otsego solider is one of the 30 people wounded in the attack at Fort Hood, Texas Thursday. Army Reserve Spc. Keara Bono, was shot during the attack, but released from the hospital after treatment. She moved from Kansas City to the Twin Cities recently after getting married.

Her husband, Joey Torkelson, has been updating his Facebook about his wife's condition. He said she was OK and he was on a plane to Texas last night.

He wrote the following comment on her Facebook wall early this morning:

"Keara is OK Everyone she was shot but was treated and released from hospital."
According to the Kansas City Star, Bono, 21, was shot in the back and had injuries to her face. She was going to deploy to Iraq next month. She was on the phone with her husband when the attack started. There were shots and screams before the line went dead.

More from the Kansas City Star:

Her brother, Dustin Bono, said his sister appeared to be fine and was "mad more than anything."

He said she told him, "They shot me! And I'm still here in this country."