Twin Cities ranked 5th best in America for public transportation

5th best in America.

5th best in America.

Don't get us wrong. We're glad that US News rated the Twin Cities the fifth best place in the country for public transportation (first would have been better, of course). We're pleased the story took note of the budding Central Corridor light rail line.

But in heaping praise on our Northstar commuter rail link to the northern suburbs, the US News writers neglected to point out that the train is hardly a hit. According to Metro Transit figures pubished last month, the line missed its 2010 ridership projections by 21 percent.


There was good news elsewhere for Metro Transit, though. The Hiawatha light rail, express and urban bus ridership all posted gains.

Here's the US News Top 10 ranking for public transportation. Stumptown wins this round.

1. Portland 2. Salt Lake City 3. New York 4. Boston 5. Minneapolis-St. Paul 6. San Francisco 7. Los Angeles 8. Honolulu 9 (tie). Denver 9 (tie). Austin