Twin Cities poor people die younger than the rich

There are a lot of reasons it sucks to be poor. And a new study has just added one more: poor people die younger.

Craig Helmstetter of the Wilder Foundation mapped the life expectancy of people in the Twin cities in a new report.

Then, using Census data and mortality information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Helmstetter overlaid the life expectancy map with median income. His results are dramatic: an eight-year gap correlated with income.

In households making less than $35,000--which were clustered in St. Paul and Minneapolis--the average life expectancy for these people was less than 75.

But in tonier second-ring suburbs like Chanhassen, Minnetonka, and Eagan, where median household income was more than $75,000, people had life expectancies of 82 or higher.

It's a second bout of bad news for the metro area's poor. Hennepin County Medical Center just announced it will no longer treat non-emergency patients who are uninsured and live outside the county.

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