Twin Cities police looking for wedding crashers who keep stealing newlyweds' presents [PHOTO]

A trio of suspects are taking a page out of Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson's playbook, only they aren't on the prowl for sex.

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Instead, the three Minnesota wedding crashers are allegedly in the habit of showing up at strangers' weddings, blending in, and then stealing all their presents.

Three such incidents have occurred in the Twin Cities since the beginning of July. The first was July 6 at Edinburgh Golf Course in Brooklyn Park, the second was the weekend of July 20 at Majestic Oaks Golf Club in Ham Lake, and the third was during the wedding of Laura and Alex Dick last Saturday in Minnetonka.

In the Dicks' case, $2,000 to $3,000 in cash, checks, and gift cards were stolen from the couple's wedding gift box. The theft was discovered only after the festivities were through.

"I think it's just pathetic," Alex Dick told KSTP. "I mean, if this is how you're making money... it makes me sad for him."

"You're ruining the happiest day of someone's life," Laura added.

Referring only to the first two cases, a press release from the Brooklyn Park Police Department says, "The thefts were similar in that a male/female couple entered the wedding receptions taking place on those takes and took a box containing cards for the wedding couple with checks, cash, and gift guards. In the Ham Lake case, two males and a female were seen. Both thefts were captured on surveillance footage at both venues."

Thanks to the footage, warrants have now been issued for the arrests of Derrick Manson, 41, and Aaron Martin, 40. Police are also "seeking to arrest" Sara Lindstrom, 30.

The Anoka County Sheriff's Department asks anyone with information about the whereabouts of the three suspects to call them at 763-427-1212. In the meantime, if you find yourself at a local wedding this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for uninvited guests.

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