Twin Cities one of world's top hotspots for recent college grad relocation, study says

Look close and you can see Minneapolis's skyline, too.

Look close and you can see Minneapolis's skyline, too.

We've heard many times in recent years about how great a place Minneapolis/St. Paul is for college grads. We grant there's a bit of a chicken-or-egg thing going on here, but now there's better evidence than ever that smart young folks are taking the notion of moving here seriously.

LinkedIn recently published a list of world cities that experienced the biggest influx of recent college grads last year. (Read it here.) Lo and behold, the Twin Cities ranked second among all American cities, and third on the planet Earth as a whole.

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Forty percent of new Twin Cities residents in 2013 were recent college grads. Here, according to LinkedIn, is where they came from:


Greater Chicago area


La Crosse


Des Moines

Greater NYC area

Greater Boston area

Greater Milwaukee area

Greater LA area

And here are the top schools from which those grads graduated:

U of M (no surprise here)


Winona State



University of Iowa

Michigan State

St. Olaf

Finally, here are the top companies hiring them:


General Mills

Wells Fargo


City Pages (just kidding -- we're not really on the list)

For context, here's the full top 10 list, with the percentage of new residents who are recent grads in parentheses:
10. São Paulo (34%)
  1. Bangalore (34%)

  2. San Francisco Bay Area (34%)

  3. London (35%)

  4. Chicago (38%)

  5. NYC (38%)

  6. Madrid (40%)

  7. MSP (40%)

  8. Washington, D.C. (40%)

  9. Paris (42%)

Pretty incredible company for the Twin Cities to keep, isn't it?

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