Twin Cities one of the youngest (in spirit) metros in the country, study says

According to RealAge Test data, Twin Cities residents are some of the healthiest, most rested, and calm people in the country.

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And as a result, our metro is one of America's youngest -- at least in spirit.

The Twin Cities clocks in at sixth in Sharecare's list of the youngest cities in the country. We're the only Midwest metro to crack the top 10.

"Results from more than 250,000 people went into the calculations as we did the math on America's 50 largest metropolitan areas," Sharecare's explanation of its methodology says. "The analysis included not just dietary and exercise habits but also cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and sleep patterns and anger-management skills -- 28 factors in all."

Here's what Sharecare has to say about the Twin Cities specifically:

Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks as the country's sixth-youngest metropolis this year, with top-10 showings in 12 different categories. And if it were possible to get extra credit, Twin City residents would be first in line: They score high on exercise and vitamin D status in spite of the area's brutal winters. (Apparently, Minnesota's famed parks and lakes really are that good.)

When residents come inside, they behave well in the kitchen, getting plenty of whole grains and eating a diverse diet. These habits probably contribute to their better-than-average cholesterol levels and low rates of high blood pressure and diabetes. What can't hurt: The region has high levels of employment, income and health insurance coverage. The booming economy keeps stress low and makes it easier for residents to take care of themselves.

And here's Sharecare's full list of the 10 youngest and oldest cities:

10. Los Angeles
9. Hartford
8. Seattle
7. D.C.
6. MSP
5. Denver
4. Boston
3. San Diego
2. Salt Lake City
1. San Francisco

10. St. Louis
9. Memphis
8. Las Vegas
7. Greenville
6. Jacksonville
5. New Orleans
4. Oklahoma City
3. Tampa
2. Greenboro
1. Louisville

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