Twin Cities: Less gay than last year, but still pretty gay

Last year, The Advocate got us all hot and bothered by heralding Minneapolis the Gayest City in America.

We've apparently straightened up our act a little bit in the last year, as The Advocate's 2012 rankings has the Twin Cities slipping all the way to 7th.

Here is the equation used by The Advocate to determine the ranks:

Twin Cities: Less gay than last year, but still pretty gay

Unfortunately, it appears the Twin Cities is sorely lacking in concerts by Gossip, the Clicks, and the Veronicas -- though it should be noted the The Advocate's equation only accounts for WNBA teams, not championship-winning WNBA teams. That addendum could've been enough to push us past fifth-place Seattle.

The number one city? Grab your nearest Mormon, because shockingly, this year it's Salt Lake City of all places. Here's what The Advocate says in support of SLC's surprising ascendancy to the top of the charts:

While those unfamiliar with the Beehive State are likely to conjure images of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, far-less-oppressive-than-it-used-to-be Salt Lake City has earned its queer cred. There are more than a half-dozen hot spots for men and women, including the eco-friendly nightclub Jam (, though the sustainable bamboo flooring is perhaps less of a draw than the packed dance floor. The Coffee Garden (878 South 900 East) is a gathering spot for those looking for a caffeine fix, the Sundance Film Festival brings LGBT film buffs to screenings downtown, and lesbian-owned Meditrina ( is a true wine bar -- yes, you can get a drink in this town.

Of course, recent census numbers indicate Minnesota is gayer than ever, but The Advocate's ranks puts more stock in the availability of nude yoga classes than it does number of gay couples in the area.

In any event, falling in the ranks does have its perks. Remember the hilarious Daily Show bit that spoofed The Advocate's ranks by contrasting the "old gay" of San Fran with the "new gay" of Minneapolis? Imagine the possibilities of a skit like that set in Salt Lake City. There's enough material there to make even Mitt Romney's hair stand on end.

Here are the complete ranks:
15. Denver
14. Long Beach
13. Austin
12. Portland
11. Little Rock
10. Grand Rapids, Michigan
9. Atlanta
8. Knoxville
7. St. Paul and Minneapolis
6. Ann Arbor (who knew Michigan was so gay?)
5. Seattle
4. Fort Lauderdale
3. Cambridge, Massachusetts
2. Orlando
1. Salt Lake City

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