Twin Cities Gun Owners cancel "Open Streets -- Open Carry" events

The Carry Forum's moderator feels bullied by hate-filled "anti-gun zealots."
The Carry Forum's moderator feels bullied by hate-filled "anti-gun zealots."

The Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum has decided to cancel the "Open Streets -- Open Carry" events in which they planned to proudly tote their firearms during the annual celebrations of biking, walking, and skating.

THE BACKSTORY: Gun rights group plans to pack heat at Open Streets

In a twist some might characterize as ironic, a note posted on the Gun Owners & Carry Forum's Facebook cites "concern for the safety of members of this page" as the reason the events were canceled.

Here's the Facebook post in its entirety:

All apologies, but out of concern for the safety of the members of this page, in good conscience this meet up is being canceled.

The anti-gun zealots have proven their intolerance and their propensity to violent thought and wanting harm to come to us, and based on comments made by them on this page and elsewhere it's the only responsible thing to do.

We must continue on our mission of moving forward in a positive direction, and that would be hampered by proceeding with this meet up.

I'm sure some of you may disagree, but let's save our energy for things that matter.

Thanks for understanding.

Before making the decision to cancel the meetups altogether, the Gun Owners & Carry Forum's moderator proposed still holding the events but with guns hidden rather than openly displayed. That didn't quell the "violence-tinged rants against law abiding gun owners," however, so early this morning the call was made to simply scrap the five "Open Streets -- Open Carry" gatherings.  

One pro-gun commenter on the page opined that the Gun Owners & Carry Forum "lost this one" and said he found "the desicion to cancel this meetup very disturbing and is endemic of the lost will to stand and fight by the American people. THIS is why the left is winning."

In response, the moderator of the Gun Owners & Carry Forum wrote, "Yes, I guess if we want to partake in normal social activity at neighborhood events, we'll have to communicate about it in private. Sad."

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