Twin Cities fourth-best metro for women's well-being, says Measure of America study

Women in the Twin Cities are doing pretty damn well, all things considered.

A new Measure of America study finds that the Twin Cities is the fourth-best metro for women's well-being, behind D.C., San Francisco, and Boston, respectively.

The study is based on the results of the American Human Development Index, a composite measure of well-being made up of health, education, and income data culled from government sources.

The new study analyzes women's well-being data for the 25 most populous metro areas in the country. According to the study, over 93 percent of Twin Cities women have at least a high school diploma -- the highest high school graduation percentage of any metro area.

Twin Cities women are also the third healthiest in the country, behind only Miami and New York. Strong secondary education and health metrics more than compensate for comparatively run-of-the-mill numbers in the areas of women's income and graduate-degree attainment.

On the other side of the spectrum, in bottom-ranked Riverside-San Bernardino, only about 80 percent of women completed high school, the median female worker earns about $22,300 a year, and women can expect to live 81.7 years. In the Twin Cities, the median female earning is about $30,250 and female life expectancy is 83.4 years.

To see the study and metro-area rankings, click here.

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