Twin Cities' first snowless March since 1878

Barring an abrupt shift in the next few days' forecast, the Twin Cities will enjoy its first snow-less March in 132 years. No one's chalking it up to global warming unequivocally, though weather experts note an unusual shift in storm patterns this year.

"The main storm tracks stayed well to our south," says Pete Boulay, an assistant state climatologist for the state Climatology Working Group. "Which is why the Dallas-Fort Worth area received snow this month but but we didn't. Basically the steering patterns were such that we never got those classic late-winter/early-spring snowstorms."

Another factor: unusually high temperatures. The 39.4 F degree average temp in Minnesota will likely make it the 5th or 6th balmiest March since 1891, says Boulay, depending on how the next couple days shape up. Tuesday's forecast high is 71 and Wednesday, the final day of March, is expected to hit 74.

Some of the metro is already experiencing abnormally dry conditions, and a lack of melting snow might compound parchedness. 

"We're still seeing a lingering effect of last year's drought," says Boulay. "We'll see. The critical month will be April."

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