Twin Cities drivers some of the country's worst


So much for "Minnesota Nice" when our residents get behind the wheel of a car. But let's face it... the comfort of your car is probably the top place to really let your passive aggressive personality shine.

A survey commissioned by AutoVantage ranked Minneapolis/St. Paul No. 5 on their list of least courteous cities to drive in.

Who topped the Twin Cities? New York ranked No. 1 followed by Dallas/Fort Worth, Detroit, and Atlanta.

The most courteous city? Portland. Seriously. Cleveland, Baltimore, Sacramento, and Pittsburg were also noted for their friendly drivers.

Cities were ranked on pissed off drivers "who overreact and lose their temper, aggressive drivers, cutting into lanes, tailgating, speeding and horn honking."

We've been to plenty of cities with bad and really mean drivers. Would you rank the Twin Cities so close to the top?