Twin Cities breaks snow records; emergency parking returns (Merry Christmas)

Time to move the cars again.

Time to move the cars again.

We haven't had this much December snow in the Twin Cities since 1969, according to the eagle eyes at the National Weather Service.

By the way, get out there and move your car again, will ya? Santa brought another round of snow emergency parking rules.


This is Day 2 of the latest emergency, even though we can't afford it. Minneapolis and St. Paul sent out the alerts last night. Merry Christmas.

Starting at 8 a.m., park on the odd side of non-Snow Emergency Route streets (example: house address number 1359 Maple or 2513 17th Ave.).

Park on either side of streets with the red sign: Snow Emergency Route.

Do not park on the EVEN side of non-Snow Emergency routes. (Example: house address number: 1356 Maple or 2512 17th Ave.)


Do not park on either side of parkways.

(Click here for Day 3 rules.)

In St. Paul, the snow emergency parking went into effect Christmas night as well. That means:

Day Plow Routes begin the following morning. There are no signs on Day Plow Routes. Plowing starts after the night routes are plowed, which is typically around 8:00 A.M. Parking is banned on these routes until snow is plowed all the way to the curb. The Day Plow Routes are the east-west residential streets PLUS one side of north-south residential streets -- the side WITHOUT the plowing signs. There are some exceptions to these rules but they are all well marked.

The tagging and towing continues for 96 hours after the snow emergency has begun.

Here are the five snowiest Decembers on record, according to the NWS:

1. 33.4 inches 12/25/2010 2. 33.2 inches 12/31/1969 3. 28.7 inches 12/31/1968 4. 25.0 inches 12/31/1950 5. 21.9 onches 12/31/1927

And here's what's coming next: A chance of ... rain.