Twin Cities Bike Walk Week has us feeling guilty


Two-wheeled compadres, we're in the middle of bike to work week. If you're like CP, then you are feeling guilty about driving your car the first three out of five possible days. It's okay. There are still two more days left. Tomorrow, being the big one.

Trust CP, you are not missing anything by driving your car. Let us explain.

First off. MPR is doing their pledge drive. It's hell. For all their talk of being a smart, intelligent radio, one would think they could find a better fundraiser. This is the only time of the year CP ventures past the 90s on their dial. MPR, do you have any idea what is on the FM dial? Some frightening shit. That's what. You've forced CP to listen to Lady Gaga and Jason Mraz on loop.

Second off: The weather. Yes, it's cloudy outside with sporadic downpours. Yesterday, high winds created white caps on Lake Harriet. Yep. It is perfect cycling weather. Seriously. This is what the great folks from Portland and Seattle deal with on a daily basis. They dress head to toe in rain slickers... Honestly, it sucks. But it makes you realize just how amazing the spring/summer/fall bike weather is in our pretty City of Lakes.

Third off. Too many nights inside Lyle's ordering rounds of onion rings did little to improve the physique. It's time to get that winter chub off the gut. Pedaling makes it vanish.

So park the car and hop on the bike.

CP will see you at Birchwood for free food.