Twin Cities among best metros for the young, broke, and single, study says

On a budget but looking to head out to the bars and mingle? Then the Twin Cities isn't a bad place to be.
On a budget but looking to head out to the bars and mingle? Then the Twin Cities isn't a bad place to be.
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Young, single, broke, and live in the Twin Cities? According to a new study put together by the Money Under 30 blog, you're probably spending less nights falling asleep by yourself while watching Netflix after a dinner of Ramen noodles than your peers in most other cities.

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Money Under 30's study concludes that the City of Lakes is the 20th-best city in America for folks who are looking for love and/or companionship while still trying to have enough dough left in their pockets to pay rent.

The study's methodology "used metrics that matter to young professionals trying to simultaneously launch a career, find love, and stretch a still-meager paycheck: cheap food, cheap beer and cheap thrills, for starters," a blog post summarizing the results says.

"We looked at a city's number of bars (after downing a microbrew, of course). Then we hit the lows (unemployment, cost of living) and the highs (numbers of fellow singles and young(er) adults, ages 18-44)," the blog continues.

Lo and behold that some of top places for young, single, and broke folks are Midwestern cities you might not expect to see on the list. For instance, Omaha clocks in at sixth thanks to an absurdly low unemployment rate and the 5th-least-expensive cost of living in the country. Des Moines is eighth and Milwaukee is 14th (for better or worse, there's lots of single people in the largest city in the Land of Cheese).

The top five cities for the young, single, and cash-strapped are first-place Austin, followed by Salt Lake City, Durham, Columbus, and Baton Rouge, respectively.

Of course, if you're looking for love but are too poor to blow through cash at bars, you could always just create an OKCupid profile, fire up the George Foreman Grill, make yourself some cheap dinner, and start browsing from the comfort of your probably overpriced apartment.

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