Twin Cities air pollution health advisory issued

The pollution warning expires at midnight.

The pollution warning expires at midnight.

It seems we'll never run into a shortage of reasons to complain about the weather here in Minnesota.

Just a few months ago, we were still whining about a cold and snowy winter that had long overstayed its welcome.

Today, it's so damn hot and sunny that the Twin Cities are experiencing a dangerous elevation in ozone, causing the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to issue an air pollution warning.

That's right, folks, hide your children and elderly. It's dangerous out there.


The warning went into effect for the metro area at noon, and expires at midnight.

According to the EPA, the rise in ozone is produced by a chemical reaction that occurs on hot, sunny days like today. For those longingly staring out the window from an air-conditioned office, it's been in the upper 80s all afternoon.

The EPA urges kids, the elderly, and people with respiratory problems to stay inside until the warning expires.

If you have any questions about the pollution warning, you can try the EPA's website. But don't expect much -- nearly all employees have been sent home until our government figures out how to get along.