Twin Cities 15th "most romantic" city, says

Apparently we north-country hipsters are middle of the pack when it comes to romance.

That's because pegged the Twin Cities as the 15th "most romantic" city in a recently published study.

The definition of "romantic" Alice worked with is pretty strange and raunchy. I doubt many people would consider a night at home with "caress cream for buttocks" and blindfolds the height of romance, but apparently Alice does.

For the study, romance was determined by the average amount spent by users on products that fall under Alice's "sexual health" category.

And apparently, for Alice, maintaining sexual health involves a wide array of personal lubricants, pregnancy tests, intimate hide-and-seek kits, and caressing feathers.

What happened to a bottle of wine, some good food, and that certain twinkle in the eye?

Anyway, with a monthly average of just over $14 spent on sexual health products, the Twin Cities ranked well behind the nearly $23 spent per-month in Albany, which took top honors. On the flipside, the height of "lowmance" is Allentown, Pa., which ranked last with under $7 spent monthly.

And if you're looking for reasonable road-trip romantic getaway involving condom cases and excitement gels, look no further than Omaha, which at 8th overall clocked in as the most romantic city in the Midwest.

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