Twin Citians sorta suck at driving, report says

Allstate's 10th annual "Best Drivers Report" indicates folks in Minneapolis and St. Paul are mediocre at best when it comes to avoiding accidents.

Out of the 200 cities included in the study, which is based on crash data, Minneapolis ranks 90th. St. Paul, meanwhile, ranks 103rd.

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And before you cite the Polar Vortex as a reason the Twin Cities ranks relatively low, consider this -- this is actually the first year where Allstate has controlled for factors like rain and snow and city density. In other words, don't delude yourself into thinking you're a great driver just because you've driven through a Minnesota winter or two.

In fact, this year's ranking was actually the lowest both Minneapolis and St. Paul have finished since Allstate began publishing the annual study back in 2005. The previous low for both cities came in the study's first year, 2005, when Minneapolis ranked 84th and St. Paul 71st. (Last year, Minneapolis was 66th, St. Paul 53rd.)

We asked Meghan O'Kelly, Allstate spokesperson, what Twin Citians can do to suck a little bit less behind the wheel this year.

"Know what's happening in the cities where you're driving," she replies. "We encourage drivers to find out if there are events that may impact traffic, and explore alternate routes if possible. Oftentimes we reply so heavily on our GPS devices that we don't have a strong idea of where we're going."

Kelly adds that Twin Citians could benefit from "allowing plenty of time to reach their destination."

But you know that already, and probably still put the pedal to the metal when you're running late.

Don't fret too much, however -- Allstate doesn't use the rankings to determine insurance rates.

"The intent of the 'Best Driver's Report' is to facilitate a national discussion on safe driving that ranges from individual driving habits to civil infrastructure issues," O'Kelly says.

Finally, here are Allstate's top 10 best-driving cities for this year, along with the 10 worst:

Twin Citians sorta suck at driving, report says

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