Twilight crazies to spend Halloween standing in line

This morning the Mall of America sent out a press release stating that cast members from The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be in town to pimp their latest flick, which is promised to be filled with sparkling vampires, dull, co-dependent teenage girls, a werewolf, and Dakota Fanning. Want to meet them? Well, you're going to have to get up really early, stand in line, and spend money at Hot Topic. No, really.

Twilight fans are invited to line up at the mall's north entrance on Saturday, October 31. At the very un-goth stroke of 6 a.m. they will be escorted inside where they can choose between two options. Option 1 involves spending $30 on a t-shirt at Hot Topic where they will also receive a wristband. For Option 2, fans must spend $75 at Nordstrom on the BP collection to receive a lanyard, which gets you in for the meet-and-greet. If you've been longing for clothing inspired by the infamous howling moon t-shirt or Twilight's take on Victoria's Secret's Pink line, this is the way to go.

Guests that spend the right amount of money should then hold on to their lanyards and wristbands until November 11. That is when the Twilight tour, stopping by many major malls around the country, will be at the MoA. During the event there will be prize giveaways, a cast Q&A, and a performance by musicians who have contributed to the soundtrack. Sound a little vague? That's because they have not announced which actors and musicians are appearing at which venues. So, you could be buying a ticket to see Bella and Edward, or you could be paying to see Vampire #4 and that guy over there. Not knowing is just like a vampire: mysterious!

For more information, click here. For a laugh at some of the hilarious tie-ins the movie is offering, check out here and here.

Also, if you go the Hot Topic route, might we suggest you purchase this t-shirt for your current stalker: