Turkey Day: a mini guide to your Thursday at home

Who doesn't love a day off to get fat with the family? And remember the days when we gave the Native Americans some food and then stole their land. What a nice fuzzy day of memories. Here is a collection of some of our recent posts and other local stories to ensure Thanksgiving knocks your socks off.

If you are looking to burn off some calories before dinner, there's the Lifetime Fitness Turkey Day 5K downtown

In need of a free meal or some friends? First Avenue has a free meal. There's one at Salvation Army too.

If you don't want to cook at home, here are some places to eat out.


Making your own bird? Here's a reminder on how to do it. Vegetarian? CP has some recommendations from the Wedge

Here is a good drink idea for Turkey Day. And don't forget to get drunk tonight too and check out some live music.