Tuesday morning papers

Enjoy your new home, and please call haz-mat crews before digging; do jets really need reverse thrusters?

In the Strib: Minneapolis lays plans for citywide wireless network; pimpin' for a casino at the Mall of America is hard work; rising oil prices put a crimp in Minnesota's economic projections; and more about the 200-pound reverse thruster that fell off a Northwest DC-10 into a field in Inver Grove Heights--is this part of the airline's fleet-reduction plan? 

In the Pi-Press: Arden Hills moves forward with plan to develop former army munitions plant.

Other dailies: American wages declined in 2004 (NYT); amateur video contradicts cops' testimony about protests in the streets outside last year's Republican convention (NYT); a former detainee's account of his treatment by the US as a terror suspect (LAT).

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