Tuesday morning papers

Did you ever think you'd miss Jesse Ventura so badly?

In the Strib: The governor looks on as a Senate committee interferes with his political future by rejecting metro casino proposal; the governor announces plan to streamline state government; the former governor, Jesse Ventura, goes over big at St. Olaf. Time to start the "Draft Jesse in '06" movement?

In the Pi-Press: The Teamsters back Rafael Ortega for St. Paul mayor; House committee at the lege votes to contribute 40 percent of Gophers stadium price tag.

Other dailies: The NYT and WashPost on the Catholic Church's market share problem--its loss of adherents, especially in poor countries, to charismatic variants and to the thousand fingers of American Pentecostalism. (In 1970, Pentecostals comprised 6 percent of the world's Christian population; now it's around 30 percent, or more than 500 million people.)

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