Tsuyoshi Nishioka pop-fly fail: Twins megabust's latest cringe-worthy play [VIDEO]

Believe it or not, word is this guy once had some success catching and hitting balls.
Believe it or not, word is this guy once had some success catching and hitting balls.

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At one time in the past, Tsuyoshi Nishioka was pretty good at professional baseball. Now, his results are comparable to what would happen in Twins manager Ron Gardenhire decided to give me a shot at second base.

Earlier this week, we showed you the footage of a brutal error Nishi committed Monday night during his very first play back in the big leagues. Below the jump, we'll show you footage of another botch so cringe-worthy that it actually prompted color homer analyst Bert Blyleven to do the unthinkable -- throw a Twins player under the bus.

During a key moment in the Twins' eventual 6-2 loss to Cleveland -- sixth inning, trailing 4-2, nobody on, nobody out -- Nishi, playing second base, simply let a pop fly fall at his feet. He lost the ball in the sun, but still, it's a play made by major league infielders 95 percent of the time or more. The Indians went on to score their final two runs that inning.

Here's the footage:

Because he didn't touch the ball, Nishi wasn't charged with an error on the play. But he was charged with an error for making an inaccurate flip to second base after (gasp!) successfully fielding a grounder. He also made a bad throw home that cost the Twins another run.

So, for the series as a whole, Nishioka went 0-for-12 at the plate, was charged with three errors, and botched at least two other non-error defensive plays. The Twins will pay him $3 million this season. Has there been a worse signing in franchise history?

Yesterday's debacle was too much even for the reliably rah-rah Blyleven, who said:

Hey, I know the Twins paid some money for [Nishioka], but in my opinion, he's had a tough time at the major league level and I think the last three games have shown that.

I'm not afraid to say my feelings. I just feel that Nishioka is overmatched up here. ... Maybe I'm speaking for the pitching staff. You want this guy to succeed, but it just has not happened. And I think this three-game series is a good indication of what the Twins maybe have to do.

The Nishi-is-overmatched talk raised some Twins fans' eyebrows, but Blyleven stuck to his guns after the game.

Poor Nishi. At this point, it'd probably be best for all involved if the Twins ponied up that $250,000 contract buyout, with Nishi spending a small sliver of it on a one-way trip back to Japan.

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