Tsuyoshi Nishioka apologizes for sucking, leaves Twins

Next time you see Nishi, he might be wearing this uniform again.
Next time you see Nishi, he might be wearing this uniform again.

So what was your favorite Tsuyoshi Nishioka Twins moment?

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Was it when he botched the first routine grounder he saw this season so badly it prompted fans to wonder whether he'd been drinking sake before the game? Or maybe it occurred a couple days later when he lost a pop fly in the sun, capping off a series where he batted 0-for-12 with three errors and two more non-error defensive botches?

Whatever the case, one of the worst signings in franchise history is now officially a thing of the past. Two years and $11 million later, Nishioka today asked for and received his release from the Twins.

For their investment, the Twins received .215 batting, no home runs, 20 RBIs, and atrocious defense. This from a guy who was the batting champion and a Gold Glove winner his last season in Japan. Maybe Tsyoshi is allergic to America or something?

In a statement, Nishioka apologized to the fans for sucking:

I would like to thank the Twins organization for helping me fulfill my dream of playing in Major League Baseball. I take full responsibility for my performance which was below my own expectations. At this time, I have made the decision that it is time to part ways. I have no regrets and know that only through struggle can a person grow stronger. I appreciate all the support the team and the fans in Minnesota and Rochester have shown me.

Nishi's contract called for the Twins to pay him $3 million next year, but he gave up that dough in exchange for his release.

Assuming they use that money to bring in another player -- and that's no sure thing with the penny-pinching Twins -- let's hope Terry Ryan and company do a better job scouting talent than Bill Smith did when he paid $5 million just for the right to negotiate with a player who will go down as one of the biggest busts in franchise history.

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