TSA scanner at MSP airport renders you naked starting today

Full-frontal nudity is now OK at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport. A new, full-body scanner went into use today at security checkpoint No. 10.

But we're still not sure if a mysterious Transportation Security Administration official staring at your nether regions means that the skies will be safer now, or if it means the terrorists have won.

The good news is that TSA isn't requiring all air passengers to expose themselves in the new device. The other good news is that, if you do opt for the birthday suit treatment, you won't be able to hear any TSA officials laughing at your profile: The images pop up on a screen far from the checkpoint.

TSA is using a kind of technology called "millimeter wave." Here's an example of what it can see:

A 'millimeter wave' view from a TSA scanner.
A 'millimeter wave' view from a TSA scanner.

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