Trumpeter Swan shot and stranded is rescued


It's a happy-ish tale, just in time for Thanksgiving: a poor swan with an injured left wing got some help from her non-feathered friends.

Trumpeter swans, if you recall from E.B.White's children's masterpiece, The Trumpet of the Swan, are supposed to fly to places like Montana for the winter--to avoid nasty ice storms like the one we had on Saturday. But with an injured wing, this little swannie couldn't migrate and would surely freeze to death in our harsh Minnesota winter.


Lucky for the swan, a few volunteers in kayaks came to her rescue. They took her to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Roseville. Turns out the swan had been shot--the rehab center found a steel shotgun pellet in her left wing, and the poor bird had two broken bones. She has had surgery, but she won't fly again.

Here's a video of the rescue--two days before the lake froze over: