#TrumpBookReport: Internet hilariously mocks Trump, DeVos

Intellectual powerhouses Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos

Intellectual powerhouses Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos Associated Press

In keeping with his previous cabinet-selection logic, President Donald Trump tabbed a Secretary of Education -- Betsy DeVos, confirmed Tuesday -- who seems to have actual contempt for the department she's now heading. 

DeVos, whose confirmation required a tie-breaking vote from Vice President Mike Pence, is a bible-thumping billionaire with no experience in education, though she's certain public schools are ruining our kids.  

How can the powerless voice their disapproval? With the only available recourse: internet snark.

As soon as DeVos assumed the role for which she's demonstrably unqualified, Twitter roared back with #TrumpBookReport -- a viral hashtag that puts Trumpian spins on classic literature. The hilarious meme (which actually first appeared during last fall's debates) rebukes the scholarly dream team of Trump-DeVos, plus it seizes on the pretty damn convincing argument that Trump can't read.

Some standouts: