Trump tweets support for 'outstanding' Tomi Lahren after Minneapolis water-throwing drama. They both get roasted.

Tomi, left, and Trump

Tomi, left, and Trump AP/Colin Young-Wolff; AP/Evan Vucci

This morning, on President Donald Trump's favorite TV show Fox & Friends, Tomi Lahren talked about her terrible, horrible, no good, very bad Sunday brunch at UNION Restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

A fellow bruncher threw water and yelled "fuck that bitch!" at Lahren, you see, and some droplets even hit Tomi's mom. Lahren -- who frequently yells about: Black Lives Matter being like the KKK; trans rights being a "social experiment"; feminism being a "fallacy"; and Muslims being our enemies -- told Fox & Friends the water-throwing ordeal was "disheartening."

Trump, for whom F&F is appointment viewing every morning, did not miss Tomi's segment, and even voiced his support via Twitter: 

Turns out some people aren't with Tomi. Here's a roundup of the blowback to Trump's pro-Lahren declaration, since that Minneapolis water flew through Minneapolis air, thereby making this an important local news story.

Current event context:  

Intentional name confusion, something of a cottage industry among Tomi haters:

Straight-up Tomi haters: 

Stating the vaguely creepy: 

Stating the painfully obvious: