Trump-loving Minnesotan's car is fascinating array of awfulness

This car spotted in Minnesota has... a lot going on, doesn't it?

This car spotted in Minnesota has... a lot going on, doesn't it? Facebook

We're gonna be honest: It took a while to come up with that headline for this blog post.

How does one describe the truly remarkable combination of shit going on with the rear bumper of this Minnesotan's vehicle?

Let's consider the elements included here:

  • Donald Trump
  • anime
  • The Philadelphia Eagles
  • "Brony" culture
  • "Furry" fetishism
  • Blind support of cops
  • Christianity
  • A "Woomy" from "Splatoon"
  • Chevrolet
  • Christian radio

We probably left a couple things out -- what's that thing in the upper left? We can't tell -- but the above list is... plenty. Who knew one could have such varied... "interests" and still have enough time and money to obtain an automobile? (Maybe mom and dad helped pay for it?)

This here car was photographed in Minnesota and posted to a Facebook group, where someone reported that the driver was consuming Arby's at the time -- Arby's which was, allegedly, not paid for by the driver.

This post owes its existence to Minneapolis comedian Brandi Brown, who took this car's visage from the obscurity of a Facebook group and brought it to light on Twitter. Brown attributed the photo to a Facebook account called "All Hail McRib," a reference to a McDonald's meal -- but presumably whoever runs that page is also familiar with Arby's, Donald Trump, and Christian radio, among other facets of "adult" life in America.

Brown had some thoughts of her own about the car owner's... decorative declarations about his afflictions -- sorry, not "afflictions," we meant to say "affiliations." We're sure this man is great.

Him, and his president, and his country. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along. (JK, good luck trying to unsee this image.)

UPDATE: We're told by Ms. Brown herself that the "green thing" seen here is a "Woomy" from "Splatoon," and that City Pages originally misinterpreted what she meant about this driver's connection to Arby's. We regret the error and, occasionally, living in this country.