Trump-loving BLM dissident claims activists wanted to 'burn down' stuff [VIDEO]

Trey Turner's video blows the lid off Black Lives Matter... and his own support for Donald Trump.

Trey Turner's video blows the lid off Black Lives Matter... and his own support for Donald Trump.

If you get your Black Lives Matter news from Alpha News MN, you are probably not black.

Or all that sympathetic to the cause: the local conservative news site typically depicts BLM supporters as unreasonable and unruly protesters who exist solely to inflame racial tensions. 

So, of course, the folks at Alpha just loved the video Trey Turner posted to Youtube last week.

In the 20-minute video, Turner, a mixed-race 27-year-old raised in a Twin Cities suburb, recounts how he rapidly fell in and out of favor with local Black Lives Matter groups. 

Turner says he intends to "expose the truth about Black Lives Matter," which the storyteller says he was drawn to after Jamar Clark's death in a police shooting in Minneapolis.

Turner had trepidation about the movement, having seen "violence" during demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, but a friend assured him BLM espoused no "hatred toward whites." 

Later, after Philando Castile was killed by a cop in Falcon Heights, Turner followed the Black Lives Matter cause to the governor's mansion in St. Paul. His first night during that leg of the protest was "fun," reporters Turner, thanks in part to the presence of "some alcohol" and "some weed."

(Oh man, Alpha News just knew it!)

Turner then blows the lid off the fact that some protesters were "Bernie Sanders supporters, anti-Trumpers." 

Go on Trey...

"And I had been a Trump supporter prior to going out there."

(Record scratch noise.)

"Trump" as in Donald Trump? As in the guy who wanted the Central Park Five executed, the first black president deported, and whose campaign's race relations strategy was calling any place with more than three black people in it a "disaster" and a "warzone"? Him?

"I had debates with some of the people out there," Turner continues, recounting his Black Lives Matter stint. "We had intelligent debates, which is hard to believe, because it was liberals." 

Is it becoming clearer why Trey Turner has quickly become the first Black Lives Matter member Alpha News has ever liked?

Turner claims he overheard Black Lives Matter members, leaders and organizers alike, hatching a plot of "burning down" the governor's mansion, other mansions of Summit Avenue, St. Paul City Hall, the St. Paul Police Department, the Minnesota State Capitol, and the "white suburban area of Roseville, Minnesota," if there was no indictment of Geronimo Yanez, the police officer who killed Philando Castile. 

In the end, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi decided to charge Yanez with second-degree manslaughter and other offenses. And it's thanks to that decision that every major public structure in Minnesota's capital city and the whole of Roseville is not reduced to a pile of ash.  

So now you know why Turner's video has more than 21,000 Youtube views, and has quickly become a favorite of right-wing blogs.



They finally found a black guy who will tell them what they want to hear about Black Lives Matter. Truth bomb: It's just as scary as they've always imagined. 

In a response statement posted to Facebook, Black Lives Matter organizer Corydon Nilsson denied Turner's most outrageous claims. Neither of the two men Turner mentioned were even "organizers with Black Lives Matter Saint Paul," Nilsson writes, though he credits both for doing an "excellent job of keeping things non-violent and peaceful at the [governor's] mansion."

Nilsson says the two organizers forced Trey Turner to leave "after he consistently created problems, was intoxicated and would not respect others."

The threats Turner claims to have heard would be "extremely out of character" for those two guys.

Unlike this Youtube video, the mini-viral one produced by a Trump-loving conservative infiltrator of Black Lives Matter, who went to protests to talk about black-on-black crime, to deny racism's impact on black people, to criticize Islam, to say "police and whites" are right to "naturally have a fear towards a group of people" who "kill each other at such an alarming rate."

This, we can assume, is extremely in character for Trey Turner.